Sony Pictures Animation

  1. Get a look at Sony Pictures Animation's all-new CG Popeye Movie with a special animation test and introduction from Director Genndy Tartakovsky!

  2. #HotelT Fun Fact: Hotel Transylvania has 1,250 rooms and 950 guest rooms.

  3. smurfsproductionblog:

    A Tribute To The Note Takers…

    In every meeting I’ve covered in this blog, there is always at least one Smurf Team Member present who is assigned the important (and very appreciated) duty of taking thorough notes, transcribing all the many ideas and opinions set forth by everyone present.

    Needless to say, this is no small task.

    Sifting through all the many things that are said in these meetings is one big job and I could not keep track of anything without my Smurfy team!

    - KA

  4. Check back this THURSDAY for a special treat from Sony Pictures Animation!

  5. If Tank were a day of the week, he would be Monday. #SurfsUp