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  2. It’s time for the Smurfin’ weekend! #TheSmurfs

  3. smurfsproductionblog:

    Lots of Smurfs in the Kitchen


    I’ve said before “It takes a Smurf village” to make an animated movie. That notion is never more true than when discussing the story process.

    Our writers along with several other story-oriented members of the Smurf Movie Team (myself included), have spent long hours in a big room, hashing out all sorts of ideas…and, as always, some ideas work…some don’t.

    There is no more collaborative part of the animated movie making process than that of cooking up the story. It is intricate, delicate, detailed and exhaustive, but well worth the time spent in making sure the plot and characters work together to tell a good tale.

    We laugh, we get frustrated, we yell, we draw funny pictures of each other, we eat lunch, we nearly destroy large erasable boards jotting down plot points and ideas…and we go home each night feeling as if we’ve run a marathon.

    Then, next morning, we wake up and do it all again. We plug away until we have forged a story we all feel confident about. And we get nearer to that destination every day.

    This, my Smurfs, is how animated stories come to be. I’ve been doing it like this for over thirty years, on many different movies, and it’s always the same.

    We are cooking a “Story Soup”.

    And, so far, it’s tasting pretty good!

    - KA

  4. T.G.I.F.

  5. #Cloudy2 Fun Fact: Barry the strawberry was one the most challenging characters to animate since all emotions had to be conveyed only through his eyes and mouth shapes.