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    Halloween Tip #3: Go all out and have a good time! Can you really blame us for having Halloween as our favorite holiday?

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    Halloween tip #2: Make sure no monster is left behind.

  3. smurfsproductionblog:

    Meet Patrick Mate…Character Designer and Lifelong Smurf Fan!

    I’m very proud to report that I have worked with the very talented Patrick Mate on previous movies, including my first directorial effort, SPIRIT - STALLION OF THE CIMARRON (2002), as well as PRINCE OF EGYPT (1998), on which I was Head of Story. Patrick was born and raised in France, resulting in his being readily availed the original Peyo Smurf comic books. He was probably drawing Smurfs before he could read!

    Patrick is my in-house go-to guy for anything regarding the look of a true Smurf…and he’s also fun to work with.

    Here, he answers my Smurfy Questionnaire:

    KA: What is the job of a Character Designer on an animated feature film?
    PM: To create memorable characters that you can’t wait to buy as a toy.

    KA: Do you have a favorite Smurf?
    PM: Astronaut Smurf.

    KA: If you were a Smurf, what would your name be?
    PM: Artsy Smurf. His temper, his beret…it has to be me.

    KA: So far while working on this all new Smurfs movie, what has been a fun or favorite behind-the-scenes moment?
    PM: The Peach Pie Pitch Party! PPPP hooray!

    KA: If you could have one magic power, what would it be?
    PM: The power to cure.

    Thanks Patrick! Everyone keep checking back for more fun Smurfy stuff from Patrick, as well as other people from my movie making team!

    - KA

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