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    Smurfing The Best Choice…

    A recent story meeting went something like this:

    DIRECTOR: So in this scene our characters come upon a river too wide to cross. “Character A” suggests they use a natural bridge, which is far downstream, while “Character B” wants to try a more convenient, but dangerous way. This starts an argument, which results in the accidental loss of an “Important Object”, which they must now race to retrieve…What’s the clearest way to depict all of this?
    STORY ARTIST: What is the natural bridge made of?
    WRITER #1: In the script it’s a fallen tree.
    WRITER #2: But it could be fallen rocks.
    CONSULTANT: Are there large enough rocks in our world?
    DIRECTOR: Sure. There’s no rule about that, yet.
    STORY ARTIST: How deep is the river?
    WRITER #1: Knee deep.
    STORY ARTIST: So it’s really more like a creek.
    WRITER #2: Well, it needs to be treacherous.
    CONSULTANT: Like with rapids?
    PRODUCER: Rapids are expensive.
    DIRECTOR: Let’s go with the fallen tree.
    STORY ARTIST: How far downstream is the tree?
    DIRECTOR: Maybe a half mile?
    WRITER #2: But it could be closer.
    DIRECTOR: These characters are small, so it should “feel” like a half mile to them.
    WRITER #2: It has to seem do-able, though.
    STORY ARTIST: Is it a large tree?
    DIRECTOR: Large in comparison to these characters.
    CONSULTANT: What type of tree is it?
    DIRECTOR: It just needs to be a large log fallen across the river.
    CONSULTANT: How did it fall?
    WRITER #2: We just assumed it fell from age.
    CONSULTANT: So it’s an old tree?
    DIRECTOR: Yes, let’s make it an old fallen tree.
    STORY ARTIST: But you said it could be rocks.
    DIRECTOR: Just make it a tree. A big, old dead tree.
    CONSULTANT: Won’t a dead tree make a dark statement to the audience? (LONG MOMENT OF SILENCE)
    DIRECTOR: Let’s take a break…

    - KA

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