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    Meet Michelle Raimo Kouyate - President of Sony Pictures Animation!

    1) What is the job of the PRESIDENT OF SONY PICTURES ANIMATION on an animated feature film?
    I oversee the production for the studio, making sure all the creative elements of the film stay on track and reach their fullest potential. One of my most important roles is to support the director in realizing his or her vision.

    2) Do you have a favorite Smurf?
    Smurfette - I have a husband, 2 sons and a male dog so I know what it feels like to be the only girl in the village!

    3) If you were a Smurf, what would your name be?
    Mama Smurf - I love taking care of all my Smurfs both at work and at home.

    4) So far while working on this all new Smurfs movie, what has been a fun or favorite behind-the-scenes moment?
    There was this one particular sequence at the beginning of the movie where Papa is reprimanding the Smurfs for doing something they shouldn’t have been doing that was pitched by one of our talented storyboard artists — it was hilarious. We all paused, looked at you, then each other and said, we love it!! He hit on the right tone of comedy we were looking for. It was one of those great collaborative moments which I absolutely love about making animated movies.

    5) If you could have one magic power, what would it be?
    Flying for sure. I’ve always wished I could soar over a city at night like Peter Pan.

    - KA